The Hounds of Samaria

Nigel Patten Strategic Book Publishing2010N° ISBN : 978-1-60911-836-5


Shortly after World War 2 erupts, George Ghikas starts having recurring dreams about an unknown dancing girl. Because George has Greek ancestry, the British army sends him behind enemy lines on occupied Crete with orders to to organize partisan groups in the White Mountains. Shortly after arrival George has hallucinations of the same dancing girl of his dream. Progressively, he becomes enmeshed in a 3,600-year-old world, where he was once the victim of a human sacrifice ceremony, taking place in a restored Minoan temple located near his current base camp. The girl haunting his dreams was the officiating priestess during the ancient ceremony, until the temple was destroyed by an earthquake. Back in the 20th century, George narrowly avoids a suicide attempt by reenacting the sacrificial ritual of so long ago. He is saved when the restored temple is once again destroyed, this time by German bombs.

Readers Favorite Award (USA) 2011