Nigel Patten Strategic Book Publishing2021N° ISBN : 978-1-68235-455-1



A play in three acts

In 1823 Lord Byron rented the Casa Saluzzo at Albaro in the hills to the east of Genoa. He shared the 16th century palazzo with his mistress Teresa Giuccioli, her brother and their exiled father, Count Gamba. His neighbors were Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, whose poet husband had recently been drowned, Leigh Hunt, the critic and editor and Edward Trelawney, a Cornish adventurer and close friend of both poets. A frequent visitor during that summer was Lady Marguerite Blessington, who kept detailed notes of their many conversations.
From these conversations we acquire an intimate insight into Byron’s personality, philosophy and mental state, his own opinion of himself and the impression he made on others and the society of the time.
This 3-act play paints the portrait of a tormented man, obsessed with his congenital lameness, a pressing sense of solitude, despite or because of his numerous affairs with married women and his allusive quest for love.

La suite de ma pièce de théâtre sur le poète Shelley, UNE PASSION INCOMPATIBLE