Les gens de Laak

Bruno Mercier Soleil Blanc, Martigny2022N° ISBN : 978-2-940605-75-0


De mensen van Laak (bilingue français / néerlandais)

During last Mesopotamïe Festival in October 2020 in The Hague, in the midst of Covid time, I walked in a deserted city. Performances and participants were strong reduced, so that I had a lot of free time. I borrowed a bike to Mohammad Al Amin and crossed Laak district at any place, day after day, every street and waterline. Laaktheater, restaurants, pubs put up metal shutters. I noticed the great number of street names in memory of famous writers or painters. I felt in love with Laak district, high place of culture, where migrants find peace and contribute to the real life of The Netherlands. Like a wink from Mesopotamïe Festival to dutch culture, I thank the inhabitants of Laak district for the warmest hospitality.